Promotional Prayer

Cody has been studying for his driver's promotional test for months now. He has worked so hard, and I am always so amazed at his capacity to learn everything in his textbooks. He has taken crazy-specific notes, made flashcards galore, and taken practice test after practice test. Even more, this day of testing has been bathed in positive thoughts and prayer from us and all of those around us. 

We both feel confident. He knows he has worked his hardest, and I hope that I've been as supportive as I can be.  This promotion would be such a blessing to our family, especially with Gunner on his way. Quite frankly, a promotion means more money. Cody's first newly increased paycheck would come a month before Gunner is set to arrive. Plus, Cody becoming a driver puts him well of his way to someday becoming an officer with the FD, something I believe he was born to do.

We've prayed that this promotion is something that God has in His plans for us, but we've also talked about having to learn to accept that it might not be. I can't even think about the what-ifs, they seriously stress me out. I am just trying to rest in the fact that God has the best for us in mind.

Cody is taking the first portion of his test tomorrow morning. I hate that I'll be at school all day, but I plan to spend every spare moment praying (with my phone constantly in my pocket). The second portion of the test will be on Tuesday, and the very last portion will be an all day process on the 10th. If you wouldn't mind, I just ask that you send lots of prayer, positive thoughts, and good vibes Cody's way this week. 

Thanks and love to all. x