InstaFriday - 12/23

It's Christmas Eve Eve...can you believe it? I can't! I've thoroughly enjoyed this week off from work. I did some much needed cleaning/organizing and I feel like I'm a little bit more ready for Gunner to get here. (Not that ready though. You hear me, mister?) 

Here's our week in phone pictures.

We spent last weekend in Tyler with some of my family and had a lot of fun. We opened presents and spent lots of quality time together. Gunner got more presents that Cody or me and I have a feeling that this will continue to be a trend. I'm okay with that though. I mean, let's be honest, he's already cuter than me. 

We decorated gingerbread cookies together and I might've become a little obsessed with it. Definitely something I want to do with my kiddos some day.

We also celebrated Christmas with our little family this week. Code got me the necklace I've been wanting with Gunner's name inscribed on it, I got Cody the socks he always asks for (yes, really), the game he has been wanting, and a few other clothing items, and the pups got several bags of beggin' strips. It was a good Christmas in this household.

Oh, and Moose got a few Christmas tshirts. He always seems cold so we gave it a try. He hasn't pulled any of the shirts off yet, but I'm not sure he's loving them.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season and weekend. We'll spend a lot of time bouncing around and celebrating from place to place. I also plan to spend lots of time thanking God and enjoying my favorite gift this sweet baby boy.

life rearranged

What are YOUR Christmas plans? x