InstaFriday - 12/2

Can you believe that it's already December? I'm so excited that Christmas time is finally here! Time is just flying by. I haven't done an InstaFriday post in a couple of weeks so some of these pictures will overlap from the past few weeks.

I had the entire week off from school last week, which gave me a lot of time to get decorated for Christmas, clean, do some (very easy) baking, and of course do lots of baby daydreaming. I also got to enjoy a cup of hot coffee every morning with my hubby after I finally broke down and bought a can of decaf coffee. 

And here's a picture of one of my baking adventures. S'more easy. Thank you, Pinterest!

Before my week off for Thanksgiving, I added a small little Christmas touch to my classroom. These little snowflakes greet me every morning when I come in, and I love them..they make me smile. Little things like this made my week back to work this week a little easier.

Cody has been spending all of his time studying for his promotional test that is this coming Monday (more details on this promotion in a post on Monday). Because Cody has spent most of his time studying at the dining room table, our Moose man spends a lot of time there too.

While Cody has been busy studying, Gunner and I have been busy growing. I'm 28 weeks this week and will be 29 weeks on Sunday. The weather has begun to really cool down here...the only problem? My jackets just barely zip over the belly...

It really doesn't help when you can't even see the bottom of the zipper anymore. Speaking of not being able to see feet are slowly beginning to disappear.

This weekend we plan to relax and I hope to get a little Christmas shopping done. I am probably the most behind on shopping that I've ever been and I'm a little stressed about it.

What are your weekend plans?