Dear Peanut - v.15

Dear Peanut,

Week 31. Your Momma has gained 29 pounds. I can't believe it. Sometimes I look down and think..."Wait, where did this belly come from? How did you suddenly get so big?" I laugh at that, because I know time will only fly faster once you're here. 

I'm now going to the doctor every two weeks...I get to hear your heartbeat every time and now they measure my tummy to see your growth. 

This weekend is Christmas, our last one without you. I can't wait till you're here and I get to experience the holidays through your eyes. I've spent the past few days thinking about little traditions I'd like to start with you and here are just a few I've come up with.

-Creative advent countdowns each year
-Driving around and looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve
-Making Christmas cookies with you
-Creating Christmas crafts for your Grandparents
-Decorating the tree all together, as a family
-Telling you the birth story of baby Jesus

I know we'll come up with many more traditions of our own when you get here & I can't wait to celebrate them all. 

Love you my sweet boy.