I Am Blank Because...

I got this idea from Little Miss Momma and thought it would be lots of fun to do. 
So here's my version of "I am blank because..."

I am weird because...
I can't sleep with socks on. 
lately I'll make a pot of coffee, just to have the smell in the house. 
I always put the letters in a word in alphabetical order (WATER --> AERTW).

I am a bad friend because...
I never check my voice mail. 
I'm a homebody. 
I can be brutally honest.

I am a good friend because...
I'll drop anything if you need me. 
I am extremely loyal.
I can be brutally honest.

I am sad because...
I can't please everyone. 
I feel like I haven't spent time enjoying the small moments of this pregnancy. 
I spend so much time asking God for things, instead of thanking Him for things. 

I am happy because... 
I have an amazing, loving, hardworking, sacrificial husband.  
I have a healthy baby boy in my belly.
I have more than I could ever want or need.
the holidays are finally here!

I am excited for...
the baby snuggles in my future.
all of the eating this holiday season. 
Christmas music.
Christmas movies.
Christmas decorating.

Happy Monday, y'all! x