Dear Peanut - v.9

Dear Peanut,

I know you can hear now, all of the baby books say that you can. Plus, when I sit really still, put my hand on my belly, and'll kick back. I suppose it's a good thing that you're getting used to all of the sounds that go on in our house. It's especially important that you get used to hearing this noise, because your puppy brother and sister do this A LOT. Your brother gets her started, and then they just go and go.

I've talked to them about how they'll have to cut down on this (especially when we're sleeping), and I'm definitely hoping that they stop it all together. Maybe I should start praying for it too...

Love you,

PS: The sheets are on the couch because it's been rainy/muddy lately. It's a lot easier to cover the couches than to clean up Great Dane paw prints.