Dear Peanut - v.12

Dear Peanut,

Today we entered the last trimester. 28 weeks. Only 12 more weeks until you are "due" to be here. It was 12 weeks into this pregnancy that we first told everyone about you. I cannot believe how quickly time is passing. 

This past week we celebrated Thanksgiving with family and got our house ready for Christmas. Everyone was excited to see much you (and I) have grown. I think all of the turkey and mashed potatoes made you very tired because you were stubborn and wouldn't move when everyone was anxious to feel you...except, after a little dessert. You always like a little sugar.

Here we are on Thanksgiving night, after a big lunch, dessert, and then dessert again. I was super glad to be in sweatpants again.

This week we have an appointment to check on you and make sure everything is still going smoothly. At this point we start going every two weeks to check on you. We didn't get to see you in a sonogram at my last appointment, so I'm hoping this time we will. I cannot imagine how much you must have grown in the past weeks.

Happy holidays, sweet boy. I cannot wait for you to be here for the next round. 

Love you,