Dear Peanut - v.11

Dear Peanut,

We spent some time this weekend with your Pepaw, Grandma, Uncle Cole, Aunt Lindsay, and your cousin Cooper. Cooper will be exactly a year older than you, if you arrive on your due date. It was so crazy to first hear that you were supposed to be here on February 19th, Cooper's birthday.

It's fun to see her and realize that at this time next year, you'll be doing the same things she does now. Your Daddy had lots of fun playing with her last night. He made her do all sorts of little dances and she loved it. She took a nap on my chest, but it took her a little while to get comfortable around you and my belly.

Here's a video of your Daddy playing with Cooper. I know he can't wait till you're here to play with him.

We can't wait to see your precious face and hear your sweet little laugh. Keep cookin' in there, little boy. You're already perfect to me.

Love you,