Awkward and Awesome Thursday - 11/3

Another round of Awkward and Awesome is here (if you want to check out my other Awkward and Awesome posts, check here)! 

-My conversation with the mattress salesman in one of the sale expos at the state fair last week...HIM: What kind of mattress are you sleeping on ma'am? ME: I don't know. Something really cheap. HIM: Oh yeah? Do you wake up feeling cheap? Wait..what did you just say to me?
-A substitute walking into my classroom during my conference period, witnessing me with my shirt up around my rib cage while I hike up my maternity pants. 
-The way my belly button currently looks. Seriously. 

-My sweet hubby who does everything for me. He has always spoiled me, but this is extra spoiled. 
-We're registering this weekend! I love that little scanner in my hand.

  Most recent belly picture