100 Days

100 days. 

Only 100 days till Gunner is here (assuming he doesn't decide to surprise us sooner). I remember when Cody and I hit the 100 day mark before our wedding. In fact, the 100 day mark before our wedding anniversary is just about a week before Gunner is due to arrive.

We still have lots we need to do to prepare for his arrival. We have birthing classes to sign up for and attend, hospital tours to take, showers to attend, clothes to wash, bags to pack, sonograms to attend, baby-proofing to do, books to read...and I'm sure I'm missing a million other things.

Sometimes Cody and I talk about all of this new baby information and all of the gadgets that are out there, it just seems crazy. There's so much to learn and take in that I can get really overwhelmed. But later we always laugh about the fact that even just twenty something years ago our parents got by with a lot less information and far fewer "must have" baby gadgets.

It's during occasional freak outs that I have to remind myself that God designed Cody and me to be parents. I must remind myself that in us He put the innate desire to love and care for others, and even if we don't register for the best bottles or play mats, my son will be okay, and perfectly loved. Because God created me to be a Mom, a Mommy, a Momma. He knows my heart, my worries, my concerns and he already knows Gunner's heart, and wants, and needs. And that, is the most comforting feeling. 

So today I will rest in that knowledge and comfort. I will cherish every kick, every movement, every squirm. I will daydream about Gunner's eyes and his chubby cheeks. And that to do list? I'll worry about it tomorrow.