Awkward and Awesome Thursday


It's time for another edition of Awkward & Awesome. This week has gone by pretty quickly, although, at the same time, the days have seemed to creep by. I'm sure plenty of other awkward & awesome things have occurred this week, but I haven't had the time to write them down OR I just don't remember them...which by the way, pregnancy brain is one of those things that is not awesome. Especially when my students have to remind me what just happened in our book because I had seriously forgotten.

-7th grade boy: "Mrs. Skinner, I can see your belly button in that dress. It's starting to    look kind of weird." yeahthanks.shutyourmouthkid.
-That baggy part in the crotch of my maternity pants...will my stomach seriously fill that part? Um...

    -A sweet girl at school telling me that she thinks my baby will be cute because I'm really pretty. She was so genuine and sincere. It's rare I'd say this, but sometimes people should take their cues from 7th graders. 

      It's a rarely recognized fact, but sometimes 7th grader's awkwardness/orneriness can be cancelled out by pure awesomeness/sweetness.