Awkward and Awesome Thursday

One of my favorite fashion blogs, The Daybook, does an Awkward and Awesome Thursday post. Not sure where these posts originated, but I love them. Simply put, these posts showcase awkward and awesome things that happen through out the week. I thought it might be a little fun to talk about some of these awkward and awesome things, especially since teaching 7th grade while pregnant can be super awkward.

-Random people telling me congratulations and then the strange silence that follows before I realize they're staring at my belly.   
-13 year old boy: Mrs. Skinner, can I poke your belly?" Weird. Enough said.  
-"Turning in" my urine sample at the OB/GYN's office and opening the little door at the same time as the nurse on the other side. "'s my pee. Yeah, thanks."

-Getting to see my precious little Gunner's face this week. He's looking a lot less skeletor and a lot more chunky baby. 
-Watching the Rangers game and feeling little man kick back after I got a little excited. 
-Having fun with hubby, exploring the new Kroger Marketplace down the street. I think we might've become those parents a little early, because seriously...that place is cool!

Me and Gunner at 21 and a half weeks! Love you already my little man.