Things I Can No Longer Do Now That I'm Pregnant

I thought it might be fun to start a little series of things that I can no longer do now that I'm pregnant. It should be funny to see how things change in the next 5 and half months. 

First, I just want to note that this is in no way a complaint series, they're more just observations.It's one of my pet peeves to hear pregnant women complain about many of the things that they can no longer do. For instance...drink alcohol, have the same skinny, little body, etc. I can't say that I don't miss the occasional glass of wine or wish that I could fit in my old jeans, but I think carrying a child is a sacrifice and an honor. I am more than willing to sacrifice my wants and comfort for my precious little peanut. The things that I will be writing about are simple, everyday things that you never realized you'd lose the ability to do.

Now, onto the first thing I have noticed...

I can no longer brush my tongue with my toothbrush. Although I never really suffered from morning (or afternoon, or evening) sickness, brushing my tongue makes me extremely nauseous. Do I still try? Of course. But each try is followed with a supreme urge to throw up. 

Monumental? Not really. But did ever think such a little thing would change? Most definitely not.