My Husband, My Hero.

Cody has always been a firefighter. Well, I mean, he was already a firefighter when I first met him. But I think he has always been a firefighter at heart. He sped through his schooling and started his career as a firefighter/paramedic at age 20, and this November will mark his 5th year with his department. Cody is the most brave and courageous, yet gentle and caring man that I know. As a firefighter he runs into unpredictable situations without hesitation, without fear. As a paramedic he treats all people equally, even those that the world considers as "useless," "lazy," or "no good."

I loved Cody's passion for his work from day one.  He found what he loved and he went for it, he worked hard for it. He still does. But, I also remember the first time I heard the emergency tone go off when we were on the phone while he was at work. "Oh, that's a structure fire. I'll talk to you soon." And the line was dead. There's this sinking feeling, knowing that they're running into danger. I probably don't tell Code enough how proud I am of him, and sadly enough, sometimes it takes things like the anniversary of 9/11 to make me appreciate how extraordinary he is.

Tomorrow we will be talking about 9/11 in my 7th grade Language Arts classroom. My students were about two years old in 2001 and, of course, remember nothing about it. I spent the past several hours pouring over news stories and videos hoping that I could find someway to truly show what 9/11 was like. We're also reading a poem that represents the names of all of the people who were lost in the tragedy. The narrator of the poem states that these people and their names are everywhere, in everything. I couldn't agree with that sentiment more. 

The firefighting world is like one large family. Different cities, different states, volunteer or career, we all have a common bond. I often relate the firefighting family to the mob...once you're in, you can't get out. We all have each others backs, we all have the same fears, the same hopes, the same pride. I will never understand the hurt of the families who lost loved ones in the 9/11 tragedy, but I understand that fear. 

Cody is working on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 this year. I won't lie, anxiety has crept into my mind. It's such a big year, such a big anniversary. Many areas are increasing security, including DFW airport which is close by Cody's station. But I'm realizing that I'll have to trust just like I do any other day. I will have to trust that God's plan is bigger and greater than my own. 

On Sunday I will be attending a ceremony held at the fire admin building in Cody's city. The city now has an actual beam from one of the World Trade Center's and it will be the main focal point of a big memorial reveal. I know during that moment, on that day, my heart will be full of so much pride. 

I can truly say that I married a hero who comes to my rescue every day.  I am so proud that my husband is part of such an honorable career, and I cannot wait for our little peanut to realize what an amazing Daddy he has. A Daddy who runs to the helpless and the weak in times of need, and a Daddy that will do anything and everything for his family.

I love you, Code. You are my hero.