Work, Work, Work

This week was my first week of teaching. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty stinkin' tired. It was only a four day week and I'm really hoping that next week's five day week won't kick my butt. 7th graders are tiring. Seriously, shout out to working Mommas! I don't even have a baby (yet), and I am exhausted every day when I get home. Right now, with this new job thing, I can't even imagine coming home and taking care of a child. I guess you learn and it eventually all works out. 

Peanut is definitely growing. For awhile it felt like there was no change. I only saw the change during a sonogram. I was just trusting God and my body to take care of my precious angel. Now, I can definitely tell that peanut is growing. The belly is expanding and the clothes aren't buttoning. That's okay though, it's great to finally feel pregnant...especially now that the first trimester sick/tired junk is over. 

Planning on taking another belly picture tomorrow when I am officially 15 weeks. I'll try to remember to come back and post it!