Dear Peanut - v.2

Dear Peanut,

Your Daddy and I have talked about me being a stay-at-home-mom. (Do you really need all of those hyphens? That's how a lot of people write it, but I don't think I'll use that many. Peanut, you should probably know now that your Mommy obsesses about little things like that.) Anyways, today your Daddy called me while he was at work (He's a firefighter so he works 24 hours shifts. He's my hero. He'll probably be yours someday too.) and said that he's been thinking about how we could vacation year round if I was a SAHM. Your Daddy likes to plan really, really (really) far in advance like that. He says he's a "big picture" guy.

I hope you like to travel, because your Daddy and I do. We have lots of trips that we'd love to go on someday. I picture you being the perfect baby in your car seat, riding along as we drive to new places. Whenever we drive your Daddy can be pretty quiet, I like to sing in the car. I guess you'll learn that soon enough. I've read that in just a little while you'll be able hear things that are going on outside of the womb...especially my voice. I hope you like it.

Love you.

(This post a lot of parenthesis in it. See, told you I'm neurotic like that.)