Summer break is here! And, we're just a few months away from our oldest starting kindergarten. He has attended a two day a week preschool for four years now and has learned so much. We truly believe he is fully prepared for kindergarten (thanks to all of his amazing teachers!), but want to make sure we don't fall out of routine over the summer months. 

I mentioned on Instagram a few of the workbooks I purchased to go through this summer and gave a brief walk through of them on my Instastories, but I thought I'd share a little more of a detailed plan here. 

We'll be working in several different workbooks five days a week during the summer, taking Saturday and Sundays off. Almost all of this will be review work and won't take more than thirty minutes a day tops. I'm not looking to wear him out during his summer break, I just want to keep him fresh. 


Listed below are the main workbooks we'll be using. All of them are from Kumon Publishers, except the "Handwriting" workbook which is from Carson-Dellosa publishers. There was an "Are You Ready For Kindergarten? Pasting Skills" workbook available, but the reviews for it were sub par, so I went with another Kumon Publishers pasting book that had great reviews. (Disclosure: the links below are Amazon affiliate links. If you purchase through these links, I get a small return from your purchase. Those returns help me pay the monthly fees for this site, but it doesn't cost you any more than you would regularly pay!)

The "Handwriting" workbook begins with daily pages on an individual letter. It then builds into writing several separate words. And lastly you combine those words into sentences. Gunner is already able to write his letters, but our goal for this summer is to really practice, practice and make out handwriting even more legible. 

The "Math Skills" workbook works through counting, identifying numbers, and shapes. While the "Verbal Skills" workbook continues to focus on letters, but instead verbally saying them and sounding them out. Both of these workbook have more of an activity or learning puzzle style (think connect the dots). 

And all of the books get more advanced through each daily lesson. For instance, the "Scissor Skills" book begins with cutting along a straight line and ends with the child cutting out individual shapes. Scissor skills are super important for kindergarteners and most kindergarten teachers ask that you make sure your kids know how to use a pair of scissors before the school year starts. It takes time and practice for them if they've never done this before, so be patient! Also, if you have a left handed child, make sure to buy them a pair of left handed scissors. This made a world of difference for Gunner. 

The "Pasting Skills" workbook will also have a cutting that needs to be done for each activity. You could have your child do that, or to speed up the process, you could pre-cut the pieces they need to paste. I think that's totally fine as many of the pieces are more advanced shapes and the focus is more on following steps and locations for the pasting. 

Our Schedule:

We'll work in the "Handwriting: Printing" book every day, while alternating between the "Math Skills" and "Verbal Skills" books, as well as through the "Scissor Skills" and "My Book of Pasting" workbook. 

Here's an example of how we'll alternate based on our first week of summer "school". 

Day 1: "Printing" page 3, "Math" activity 1, "Scissor" activity 1
Day 2: "Printing" page 4, "Verbal" activity 1, "Pasting" activity 1
Day 3: "Printing" page 5, "Math" activity 2, "Scissor" activity 2
Day 4: "Printing" page 6, "Verbal" activity 2, "Pasting" activity 2

I imagine we'll also throw in the occasional crafty learning activity on days/weeks we have more down time. You can see all of my favorite preschool and learning activities on my Pinterest boards here!

Hope this helps!