Documenting Milestones With BB Blocks

I'm currently in the season of life where my friends are having babies. And not their first babies -- often their second or third. Many of them have all of the gear they could need and plenty of clothes; so, I'm always on the lookout for unique gift ideas.

My newest favorite? These wooden blocks from BB Blocks.

I love that these blocks can work for multiple purposes beyond documenting baby's first year. Above you can see the different words available on the sides of one of the blocks, making it possible for you to document birthdays, school years, and pregnancies. Our BB Blocks are the "Cotton Candy" color, but they're also available in a color set called "Woodlands" that feature green, blue, and brown lettering and numbers

Order your BB Blocks here and check our their "photos" section for some fun ways to use your blocks.

Items in this post were given to me by BB Blocks in exchange for review and promotion as a Mom's Best Network brand ambassador. All photos and opinions are my own.

Candy Free Kid's Valentines

With just a month until Valentine's Day, I thought it was about time I break my blogging silence and share a few DIY, candy free kid's Valentine's Day card ideas with you guys. All of these ideas include a free printable, so you'd simply have to print that and add the candy free item with it! This post originally appeared on cupcakeMAG last year and you can see

that post here

I know, as a mom, that I try to keep a ton of sugar away from my son; so, I wanted the cards he passed out at school to follow suite with that effort. Even if you subtract the candy, there are still lots of fun ideas out there…I promise!

Here are six Valentine’s Day card ideas that kids are sure to find just as fun (and maybe even more) as candy.

All images from respective blog posts. Each are credited below. 



toy animal Valentines

from Sweet C’s Designs are adorable and perfect for a little dude to handout! Check out

Courtney’s original post

for several printable cards designs. 


My son, Gunner, loves Playdoh; and since most kids do, this “card” idea is perfect since it’s something kids can immediately play with. Find the original post (including printable!) from Kelli

right here



This idea is perfect for your older kiddos! It’s certainly more time consuming but it would be so fun to see their classmates wear their bracelets through the rest of the school year. Danyelle and her daughter kept the bracelet simple with a classic braided style, but you could change it up too! You can find the original post and printable,




This idea is one of my favorites! Simple, cheap, and unique + what kid doesn’t love glow sticks?

In her post

, Delia shares more pictures, a free printable, and credits where she received the original idea. This would be a great one to do if you’re short on time!


We went with a similar idea as this for Gunner’s classmates. Our little guy LOVES cars, so it only made sense. I love the tiny little cars that Taylor found for her Valentines, and the printable she includes

in her post

is adorable too.


Another good option for the older kiddos! They’re sure to get a good laugh from donning these photo booth prop Valentines. Juleed includes templates for the photo booth props in her

original post found here


What did you do for your kiddo’s classroom Valentine’s Day cards? 

Do you do store bought Valentines or homemade? No judgment here!

cheesy bacon + ranch roll-ups recipe

 This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and Smithfield, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #SmithfieldAllNatural

If you read blogs (which it appears you do), you've probably noticed the blogging world is super excited about fall. There are many things I love about the season, one of them being the return of routine. I love getting back into the day-to-day when it seems like summer is often so random and unplanned. 

I also love the return of warm comfort foods (it's way too hot to eat warm, savory foods in Texas summers) and one of our new favorite recipes are cheesy bacon + ranch roll-ups. They're great for breakfast, great for a snack, great for a football watching party, great for anything really + they're super easy to make. 

I did a grocery run at Tom Thumb before leaving for Influence Conference this past weekend so I could do a little meal prep for my boys and picked up the few ingredients we needed for the roll-ups, plus a few other things, and got down to baking for my boys. 

This is a great recipe to have the kids join in on too! Gunner loves helping me roll up the dough after I've added the's how to make those super simple roll-ups!


STEP ONE: You'll want to cook and chop up your bacon first. I cooked about six pieces but you could do more or less depending on what you like.

STEP TWO: Roll out your crescent rolls and spread a layer of ranch over them, then sprinkle the shredded cheese and bacon pieces over them. We've added chicken before too and that makes them a little more hearty and filling.

STEP THREE: Roll up the crescent rolls with all of the goodness inside. 

At this point I typically slice the rolls up into individual little rolls. However, this time around I decided to slice after cooking. While it was certainly easier to slice the cooked rolls, they didn't keep a very round form. Totally up to you which you'd prefer doing!

STEP FOUR: Pop the roll-ups into the oven for the suggested amount of time on the crescent roll package. 

And, enjoy! It really is so easy. Plus, you could add other yummy items if you'd like -- I think chopped up pepper would be a great addition or ground sausage instead of bacon.

Do you have any favorite, go to recipes?
Anything you love to cook in the fall?